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Notice on preventing blackmail from hackers

Apr. 23, 2021

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Notice on preventing blackmail from hackers


According to the monitoring findings of information and Wcon's customer feedback. Wcon official domain website is www.wcon.com , Official email is ****@wcon.com.From March. it has been found that oversea hackers have registered the similar domain as wcon (www.wc0n.com) and fake the name of Wcon salesperson's name and email (****@wc0n.com ) to defraud. The hacker made the number "0" to replace the letter "o" as intentional confusion.


After analysis and judgment, The hackers used fake email and wcon domain names for phishing, who deceive wcon customers and inform them to pay the payment into new incorrect bank account. please pay more attention that Wcon didn't change and creat the new bank account. It has been found that some Wcon customers have received fake emails from hackers. The above-mentioned hacker organization's attack activities have a clear and professional approach and not easy to find. This informed that Wcon customer should pay high attention to face the hacker attack problem and deal it correctly.


Since customers have to arrange supplier payments every month, in order to avoid network security problems during busy hours, please do your best to prevent them:

1. Attention to the phishing emails with bank account changes, carefully confirm and check WCON's official email address and website domain name.


2. Please double check Wcon bank account information when your finacial department arranging payment. We never changed the bank account number. If you have any questions, please contact the WCON salesperson or call Mr. Steven Foo +86 138 2697 5701.


3. Prepare for emergency handling, and when you find similar fraudulent WCON mail fraud, please stop it immediately and notify WCON at the first time (you can forward relevant mail to itdg@wcon.com or salesdg01@wcon.com so that the network center can take timely measures Banned).



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